From January to April 2018, international artist Marguerite Humeau led our first OSE 2018 project. Based on the riddle, “What are the forces that govern your lives, that you think might die, yet you would like to keep alive?”, we set out to build a project to ‘re-humanise humanity’. This culminated in a performative-installation which took place on along the coast at Botany Bay on Saturday 21 April 2018.

Full soundtrack:

The Burial :

Set in a fictional future, The Burial is an ode to the forces that govern human lives.

With predictions of Artificial Intelligence taking dominance, the future of humanity is in peril. Five forces - shame, empathy, touch, insanity, dysfunction - control human beings and make them weak, yet are fundamental to their existence and pull the brakes to the world's transformation. Human attachment to these forces is a protest against becoming immortal and turning into machines. To ensure they remain forever present as guardians of humanity, they are buried at sea.

Trailer, 21st April 2018: