Antonia works as a freelance film producer, director and editor.

As director-producer-editor, she has made music videos for artists Elena Tonra (Ex:Re/Daughter), Night Works, Holy Moly & The Crackers, Ruth Lyon, William Marsey, Culture Mile and the concert series Listenpony.

As producer, she co-founded Other People's Films with her creative partner May Ziadé – their first film, Neo Nahda, was shot in 2022 and received funding from the BFI. She has worked as Senior Producer at creative media-on-demand production company Box Media, and as Producer for Dazed Digital on their documentary about the youth climate change movement (‘THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, WE ARE THE RESCUERS’).

As an editor, she worked on the 8-channel video installation for artist-duo Cooking Sections’ 2021 Turner Prize video installation, as well as their performance-lecture at Bard College in 2022. She has also edited videos for global development organization iDE Global, the charities The Bank of Dreams & Nightmares and Stuff & Nonesense, FAWCO and music institutions Abbey Road Studios and Abbey Road Institute.

She regularly creates video content for influencers and the fashion industry (ownwayofinspiration, Aesop, Veuve Clicquot, Samose Samsoe, MEYA, Nayeh).

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